The Low-Down on Advanced Systems

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Septic Control Panel

Clermont County has some extremely challenging soils for installing septic systems.  Traditional leaching systems simply do not work in most areas of the county so advanced systems were introduced to provide options for owners wishing to build on the poorly draining, heavy clay soils found routinely throughout the county.  Below are some basic facts that every homeowner with an advanced system needs to know: 

  • The control panel and timer for your system make it an Advanced system.
  • All Advanced systems installed after 4-1-03 are required to have a service provider contract or the homeowner must be trained and certified by the manufacturer.
  • Service contracts are required for the life of the system.
  • Systems installed prior to 4-1-03 are not required to have a service contract, but are strongly encouraged to have one.
  • Inspection reports by service providers or certified homeowners are sent to Clermont County Public Health and recorded in the system’s BSA file.
  • Inspections can be looked up online.    
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