Community Health Assessment

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Community Health Assessment

2013 Community Health Assessment

2013 Community Health Assessment
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The 2013 Clermont County Community Health Assessment was developed as a collaborative process between Clermont County Public Health and numerous public health system partners.  This assessment examines multiple indicators throughout our community, providing a snapshot of the health of our county and its residents.   Among the health issues included in the assessment are physical activity, diet, substance abuse, and communicable disease, as well as the socioeconomic elements that describe the make-up of our county.  The intent of this document is to define our current health status, identify where there are areas of concern and opportunities for improvement, and to monitor health trends over time – all in an effort to make Clermont County a healthy, vibrant, and strong community.

2012 Local Public Health System Assessment

Local Public Health System Assessment

The NPHPSP is a partnership effort to improve the practice of public health and the performance of public health systems. The NPHPSP assessment instruments guide state and local jurisdictions in evaluating their current performance against a set of optimal standards. Through these assessments, responding sites consider the activities of all public health system partners, thus addressing the activities of all public, private and voluntary entities that contribute to public health within the community.

2009 Community Health Assessment

2009 Clermont County Community Health Assessment (pdf)
2009 Clermont County Youth Health Assessment (pdf)

The 2009 Clermont County Health Needs Assessment and the 2009 Clermont County Youth Health Needs Assessment were conducted as an initiative of the Clermont Coalition for Activity and Nutrition (Clermont CAN) in conjunction with the Center for Urban and Public Affairs at Wright State University.  The primary aim of these survey-based assessments was to determine factors contributing to chronic disease, and the physical activity and nutrition status of the residents in Clermont County.  Indicators of health included in these assessments include lifestyle choices, general health status and disease prevalence.

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